Incorrect Assumptions Made by Makers of TV Wall-Mounting Hardware

  • A wall has studs spaced 16 inches apart.
  • There isn't a water pipe running vertically right in the middle of the wall.
  • The drywall is 0.5" - 0.75" thick.
  • Ok, 1 inch thick.
  • 2.25 inches, are you kidding me?
  • Speakers to be mounted will never weigh more than 40 lbs each.



There must be a hundred clickable elements in this page.

The only one I ever use, and the one I always hunt for, is "Sign in". It bothers me.


iCloud calendar invitations + GMail + Google Calendar

This is incredibly slick!

When you get a meeting invitation from an iCloud user on your GMail account, you end up with this. What's awesome is how the pieces fit together: the gray top part is contributed by GMail, pulling in calendar data. The bottom part, in blue, is the actual contents of the email, sent from iCloud. So you end up with the invitation framed in the context of the rest of your day.