Eclipse: Find the Breakpoint!

Today's user experience callout is Eclipse JDT. Let's play find the breakpoint:
Find the breakpoints

Here's a hint:
Find the breakpoints

Maybe it's more obvious if you compare with a search hit that doesn't have a breakpoint on the same line:
Find the breakpoints
(The breakpoint is on the top result)


The ideal solution would still draw both icons in the same amount of space. After playing around a bit with transparency on the search arrow (verdict: looked terrible), I've come up with two possibilities:
  1. Draw everything as above, but when the mouse hovers near the search result arrow, fade it out to 20% opacity. Fade it back in to full opacity when the mouse leaves the area. (Lots of work.)
  2. A much simpler option would be to move the search arrow about 5px to the left, and chop off its leftmost 3-4 pixels, as in this mockup, to allow seeing both a search result and a breakpoint:
    Breakpoints (mockup)
    Neat, right? What do you think?


flickr uploadr

Ah yes, on the subject of usability:


Does anyone else think the options should be "Stay here" and "Go to Flickr & Exit" ? I always end up hitting one of the two buttons, then ⌘+Q to quit uploadr.

Drive me crazy, will you?

I'm a dock-on-the-left guy.
I might adore using OSX, but for some crazy reason, whenever I launch gvim, this happens:
I have no idea why this is the only app on my system that doesn't respect the dock's position when placing its window on startup. If anyone knows how to fix it... please post!

And yes, I know this is a small thing to complain about. I have Windows XP at work, and OSX with a copy of gvim that randomly bounces around the screen every 60 seconds would still be more pleasant to use.


Overheard in Ottawa

"No, we were waiting for you at the *other* 'Pho Bo Ga La with a blue sign on Somerset'..."