Does Google Desktop Search Have Selective Memory?

For frequently used applications, I have shortcuts (that get indexed by Launchy) and/or aliases set up in SlickRun, which are both fantastic little productivity enhancers.

When it comes to infrequently-used programs, however, I don't have shortcuts to them so I prefer to just use Google Desktop to search for the filename and click the first hit [essentially, I want to use Google Desktop as the 'locate' command under unix]. Sometimes though, it doesn't find what I'm looking for, even though IT'S RIGHT FRACKING THERE ON THE DRIVE:



You might start thinking: "Aha, it just doesn't index filenames in .exe" (even though that would be awfully inconvenient), but that wouldn't be true either:



My tech isn't working the way I want it to tonight. When will I start winning?


Shrotryia said...

my Google desktop search is not searching pdf files, however it is included in the settings...
help me.....

jpdaigle said...
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jpdaigle said...

Well, yours is a common enough problem that there's a whole page in the Google Desktop support site on PDF files missing from the index:
link here

They list a few things to try. In my case, there's nothing specifically about executables in there, and I've checked the general stuff, so I still don't know what to do.