A Few Snapshots From Westfest 5

Last weekend was Westfest 2008 (Westboro's annual music festival, in Ottawa), and due to a craaaaazy week at work I didn't really have time to post any snapshots until tonight (although they were on my Flickr feed, if you're following that). Here, enjoy!

It pretty much rained the whole weekend (and every single day this week - ugh!), so I only managed a few pics during a rare moment of sunshine:

^^^ A few concertgoers hanging out

^^^ A hip-hop band out of Manitoba called Grand Analog. They were actually pretty great!

^^^ Their lead singer, trying to rev up the crowd (not completely successful, but oh well)

^^^ I like this couple, they have the same weird hairdo and fit together so well

^^^ The Candy Store, a new shop that just opened up on Richmond Rd. Haven't shopped there yet. (I'm not really a sweets and candy kind of guy - I'm sipping a blended nectarine/tofu shake as I write this.)

^^^ This kid was hilarious, more on him in a second

So here's the story: the boy was in the American Apparel boutique, and being rather small and questionably behaved, he managed to sneak right into the display case. He then - and I am not making this up - started caressing the legs of the female mannequins. Then, he started pulling on clothes, on both the male and female mannequins.

The depressing part of the story (for me) is that in a five-minute span, two different women asked me if he was my son. Ouch. To think that I'd have a kid already - that's a huge, depressing, dose of "you're not getting any younger". Maybe my youthful good looks* are increasingly a thing of the past.


*: Just "youthful looks" might be a bit more truthful, but who's counting ;)

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Jean said...

Hah, that kid's got the right attitude.

Hey man, you're too young to start worrying about age. Just have fun and work hard!