How to steal a car

I dropped off my car at the Honda dealership this morning to have them investigate the mysterious Check Engine light that came on yesterday. This post was inspired by what happened tonight when I swung by after work to pick up the car - I'm not chastising them for the security flaw, I mostly just find it charming and cute.

I was there about two minutes, and this is the conversation as I remember it, see if you can spot the tiny flaw:

[I enter the service area of the dealership and walk over to the clerk, then sit down in front of him. A car key is lying on the desk, sporting a little tag with my last name scrawled on it in big block letters: DAIGLE.]

- Clerk: Hi!

- JP: Hi, picking up my car...

- Name?

- Daigle

- Oh yeah, just closing that file now, here's your key.

- So what was wrong with it?

- Coolant temperature sensor failed.

- Huh.

- Yeah, it was under warranty, so you're good to go!

- Thanks, good night!

[I exit the dealership, key in hand, and drive off.]

Human beings are usually the weakest link in any security system :)

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