Coffee Shop Technology

I'm sitting in the Westboro Bridgehead, working on a presentation on my MacBook Pro.
Observations from the coffee shop:
  • A 50 year-old looking woman is texting. She's typing pretty fast, too.
  • No one is wearing iPod headphones. Everyone is here to enjoy the atmosphere, I like that.
  • Among the people typing away on laptops, the Mac market share is 100%. ONE HUNDRED. Way to go Apple.


DMD said...

Don't you have any coworking places nearby?

jpdaigle said...

Yeah, there's one in downtown Ottawa, called The Code Factory, but I've never been. It's a lot more expensive than getting a latte at Bridgehead.

Dan said...

I thought your presentation was really good! Congratulations! I'd love a copy of your 'smugness' slide.