That didn't take long


Wow, the Kanata Costco sells Manchego cheese now. In three years it went from unobtainable to completely mainstream.

Three years ago, you could buy some 6-month and 12-month manchego at La Bottega. If, you know, you got lucky. Very lucky. And wanted to pay about 60 bucks a kilo.

Now it's at Costco for 35$ a kilo.


Lucie said...

What does it taste like? Is it available at Ottawa or Gatineau Costco?


jpdaigle said...

It tastes sharp, but like a smoother cheddar. It's made from goat's milk. Delicious.

Unfortunately I've never seen it again at any Costco in the region. Costco's annoying like that, you never know when they'll stock something. They have some at La Bottega and NiCastro's but it's really expensive.