Drive me crazy, will you?

I'm a dock-on-the-left guy.
I might adore using OSX, but for some crazy reason, whenever I launch gvim, this happens:
I have no idea why this is the only app on my system that doesn't respect the dock's position when placing its window on startup. If anyone knows how to fix it... please post!

And yes, I know this is a small thing to complain about. I have Windows XP at work, and OSX with a copy of gvim that randomly bounces around the screen every 60 seconds would still be more pleasant to use.


Marconi Lanna said...

1. Put the dock on the right side of the screen

2. Turn hiding on


jpdaigle said...

Marconi, I don't like having the dock on the right because the scrollbars are there. You'll keep triggering the dock when you go to grab a scrollbar.

I think the scrollbars need to be aligned to the right of the screen, and the dock way on the other side and always visible :)