Oh baby, why don't you call? I'm here by the phone


Why is it so hard, when you promise to call, to actually do it? Oh, you break this promise all the time, and you survive year after year and get away with it because each and every last one of your competitors is equally bad. We care about customer service, but, one might suppose, not enough for it to actually make a difference.

Off the top of my head, here's a list of those who have failed.

Bell Canada: You promised to call me within 72h after opening a ticket to make an appointment for a tech to come out and test my dry loop line. Took you five days, and you never made an appointment, he just showed up à l'improviste at 10:00 AM on a Saturday morning. Lucky I was home.

Starbucks Canada: I called you to get a quote for how much it would cost to supply beans, an automatic coffee machine, maintenance, etc for an office of 50 people. You promised to hand off my info to the Ottawa account manager, who'd call me right back. It's probably been a year. Still waiting.

Purolator: You lost a really expensive package headed for me a few years back. Over two weeks, promised 3 times to call me back with updates, never managed to do it even once without me calling you.

Enbridge / DirectEnergy: You assured me the repairman would call an hour before getting to my home, so I could leave work and head home to let him in. I must be getting wiser - I didn't believe it and stayed home from work. Good thing, too, as the phone never rang before the guy showed up.

Philip van Leeuwen: You guys take the cake, you did it to me on two separate transactions. 2006: sofa delivery, instructions to call 60 minutes prior. I got a call on my cell from the delivery guys, waiting in front of my apartment, when no one answered the door. Rushed home fast enough. 2008: table delivery, 10am-2pm window, instructions to call 60 minutes prior. So of course they showed up at 9:30 without calling.

Apple Canada: You actually called me back when you said you would. En français impeccable. <3 Apple.

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