The Wake Up Apparatus

My colleagues wouldn't exactly describe me as an "early riser". Some spring out of bed, fully energized, at the first ring of their alarm - my boss, for example, I've caught bragging about his ability to be up at 5:30.

As for myself, I appreciate the value of redundancy. Here's my setup; alas, I still don't wake up on schedule 100% of the time. Maybe we need a fourth stimulus?

Sequence is:

07:15 Halogen Floodlight
07:30 Alarm 1
07:35 Alarm 2

PS: I'm not kidding.


Neil Tubb said...

All I can say is, despite all this insane effort, it is completely ineffective in actually getting JP to work on time. It's good- doesn't make you bad people. Embrace who you are!

PS- Why is this blog in bloody English?? Have you been assimilated already??

EtienneT said...

The floodlight is really funny! Maybe you should install a device to open your curtains at a specific hour? ;)

jkealey said...

Neil: JP can't get to work on time because he only goes to bed at 5 in the morning.

At least when he was studying at the U. of Ottawa, he could blame the unreliable bus system!

jpdaigle said...

I embrace who I am :)

Lately though I've been going to bed at 23:00 with a light dose of melatonin, in an effort to regulate my sleep cycle. It's somewhat effective, but I'm not blown away.