Resolved: Boingo Refunds Their Double-Charge

A couple co-workers have been asking me for an update, so here...

Last weekend, I wrote a post (link) about how after logging on to the Boingo wireless service from two different airports on the same day, I was charged twice despite having purchased a 24-hour pass. At that time, I contacted their phone service, where a customer rep explained it was normal, and advised me to read the user agreement next time.

Luckily, I didn't have to do a credit card chargeback; as a result of my blog post, I was contacted by Boingo's PR firm, and apparently the phone rep I talked to was incorrect: what happened was simply a software glitch. They've refunded the second (erroneous) charge, so it looks like this was just a one-off problem, and not the shady business practice I initially suspected. Phew! All is now well.

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Jeremy said...

Actually, I'm an internal dude here. Glad we brought back your faith in humanity, or at least Boingo. :)