Neil Tubb said...

Man, to think that, a few short years ago, you belittled my owning and loving a Mac. And now you are such a Macnrrd that you're bragging to all that you've purchased an OS upgrade!! What a world.

Tell me though- is it the price? Why are you so excited about this? Share!

jpdaigle said...

Oh Tubber, you jump to a few conclusions here!

Remember I only posted one image, with no commentary whatsoever, so any intentions you see here are yours to guess or complete fabrications of your imagination. I don't think I'm bragging to all that I purchased an OS upgrade - what if I'm posting as a public admission that I'm, much to my own embarrassment, such a huge a mac fan now I'd buy an OS sight unseen?

Or maybe I want to broadcast, instead, my solidarity to the software engineering community by proving I won't be another silent software pirate and show that I'm actually paying for software licenses?